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What's up with these ratings

2009-10-05 00:09:17 by BAF

Look...by no means do I believe I deserve a 5 from everybody on every track I make, nor am I arguing that people should write a review EVERY time they vote, but it seems like shit is getting a little out of hand. I am fairly confident that my submissions don't suck and yet my ratings flucuate all over the place from day to day. Is it just or me or does it seem like there are people just running around giving people zeroes and ones. I don't think this problem is isolated to myself, I have listened to people's tracks and then been floored by the ridiculously low rating they get. I feel like if you are going to give someone a great score or horrible score you should at least give the artist some kind of feedback. More so on a low score so that the person might have a chance to improve. It's impossible to be completely unbiased when it comes to your own work and I think that's why people submit their work to NG is to get feedback. At least that's a big reason why I do, and hell maybe my shit DOES suck but if that's the case how the hell can I ever get better if I get a shitty score with no feedback. I mean what if you wrote a paper for school and the teacher gave it back with a D and gave no explanation, it would be difficult for the student to get better because they might not even know where to start. Jackasses who run around giving people terrible scores (especially if they don't listen to the whole thing or don't know shit about the genre) aren't helping anybody. Maybe all of this is in my head, if anyone feels different or wants to shed some light please do.


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2009-10-09 14:55:37

Well, you certainly aren't alone in noticing this. In fact, there's a whole thread on the forum dedicated to it. If you're interested in reading up on it, check out this url.

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/9 19986

Hope that helps.

BAF responds:

Thanks for the info man, I guess I should of checked the forums first. I am glad though that this is a well known trend and not just a few isolated incidents